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Three combos that will add a sense of calm to your kitchen

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Want your new kitchen, the one you’ve been dreaming about for who knows how long, to be your little oasis of tranquility? Then this article is for you. Today we’re here to share three combinations that will add a sense of calm to your kitchen.

We already gave you some tips to keep your nerves in check in our Stress in the kitchen? 5 tips to keep everything under control post; this time, we want to focus on the materials you can use to boost your peace of mind. Because we believe that both the colours and textures that you include in your kitchen design go a long way in influencing your mood.


A bright, welcoming kitchen

Let’s start by shedding fresh light on your idea for a white kitchen. And that’s because, even though it’s one of the most popular colours, some people find it too basic or cold. But like we’re here to show you, it’s all a matter of what you pair it with.

We suggest starting with a plain model like our Gandía for the lower units. It’s lacquered front (here, in white) delivers a highly resistant yet easy to maintain option.

To top off the lower units we’ve gone with the Dekton Entzo countertop, which draws inspiration from golden Calacatta marble for a realistic and natural yet ultra elegant effect. We’ve rounded off the look with brushed brass handles. 

For the upper units, we recommend going with the organic feel that only wood can provide, specifically our new Vera model with a door framed in oak veneer.

The result is bright, cosy and elegant. If you decide to go with this combo, make sure you check out our post on Tricks to bring warmth to your white kitchen.


A black, ultra-organic kitchen

From white we take things to the other extreme: like we’ve said before, black kitchens are increasingly more popular.

Just like with white, you can create different effects depending on the combination of colours and materials you use. For a deeper dive into the subject, have a look at our Design tips for black kitchens post.

Since you’re looking for a sense of tranquillity and naturalness, we suggest combining our Berlin model in black with one of our new products this season: Montreal.



Manufactured on a solid oak frame, we suggest this model in a walnut finish because we love the natural effect of its grain. Plus, you can keep things simple since this model comes with a built-in handle.

To finish it off, we’ve included the Dekton Laurent countertop. Its coppery veins bring fluidity and lightness to the entire space while delivering an extra dose of warmth.



Not everything is black and white

Our last proposal focuses on creating a completely organic transition of tones between black and white.

For the lower units, we once again suggest a wood effect; here we’ve used our Valentina laminate model. The deep, personality-packed grain looks great with a concealed handle in black. Barely noticeable, it will help you create a sense of robustness and stability.

Here we pair it with the Dekton Morpheus, a countertop with a white base that will bring the light you need in your kitchen.

To brighten up the space even more, we suggest including some fronts of our Fenix model in beige.

What do you think?


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