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Our kitchens: Fenix

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  • 25/03/2022
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    Modern, versatile, bright. That describes our Fenix kitchen. A kitchen imagined and designed to work for all types of homes and lifestyles with the most up-to-date design.

    The Fenix line never loses sight of the PR-19 concept. This innovative concept, developed by OB Cocinas, has managed to combine the most efficient functionality with high level aesthetics and quality, resulting in kitchens that are completely in synch with any home. 

    Welcome to the light

    White is a classic for kitchens in any era, and the colour brings much more to a space than first meets the eye. Of course, it is the main feature responsible for its brightness, and in the case of our Fenix kitchen, this calming sensation is elevated to much higher levels.

    Its clean lines and gola opening system bring space and harmony to the range. Gola handles are not only aesthetically simple, they also make it easier to open all cupboard and drawer fronts in the kitchen, both horizontally and vertically. For once, function and aesthetics are inseparable, and even more so when you can choose the colour for the gola handles. In this case, we have gone with the current trend and chosen gold.

    If we had to highlight another of the many advantages of this design, it would be its ability to be combined with any style of decoration. Whatever your style, your house or your lifestyle, the Fenix kitchen will fit you like a glove.

    Consider Fenix

    Fenix materials are at the forefront in interior design innovation, with an extremely matte surface finish. In addition, thanks to its non-porous external layer, surfaces stay clean for longer and more easily. Not only is it anti-fingerprint, but it is also very scratch and chemical resistant.

    Beauty is on the inside

    Fenix kitchen, like in all OB kitchens keeps its most valuable details on the inside. Let's start with the Kintai anti-tilt shelf bracket. This brings full stability and resistance to shelves and other decorative modules. The structure of units and shelving in the Fenix kitchen is also very solid, as they are made of 19mm laminated particle board.

    It's all about making our lives easier, and for that we have solutions like the Lemans corner cupboard, an elegant corner cupboard storage system that makes the most of the space. Useful and convenient to store kitchen utensils such as frying pans and saucepans, and also guarantees everything will be more organised and easier to access.

    We go the extra mile with the Silentia+ hinge. This guarantees perfect and consistent closing of the door in any condition, environment and application, with its integrated deceleration technology of two silicon oil dampers. It is also equipped with an innovative adjuster to delay deceleration. 

    Space for recycling is essential in the kitchen. At OB Cocinas we are well aware of this and this is why we have designed  Pull boy, an attractive and extremely useful feature that makes recycling and cleaning easier in our kitchen.

    A kitchen to be lived in

    The design and functionality which we strive for at OB Cocinas have a single objective, to make kitchens for life and to be lived in. This is why, in addition to our fittings and interiors, you can complement your Fenix kitchen with other elements such as the Snack bar or the Bold cabinet, which brings a touch of distinction to your kitchen, in particular by combining internal and external illumination, while also giving you more storage space.

    Click here to find out more about our Fenix kitchen.

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