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One kitchen island, a thousand uses!

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  • 21/10/2022
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    Ever since the open concept took over the world of interior design, few people have been able to resist installing a kitchen island or, if space is an issue, a peninsula. And the truth is that these elements, which we used to only see in films and TV shows a few decades ago, have now become the heart of the homes that have one.

    And no wonder: beyond their aesthetic appeal, these additions are highly functional. Let’s take a look at some of their possible uses to help you brainstorm some ideas if you’re thinking about renovating your kitchen!


    Room divider

    The first purpose of an island or peninsula that we’d like to focus on is these elements as a part of interior design. Islands are the perfect addition to kitchens that open onto the living room. By using different materials and finishes, we can create an island that serves as a visually pleasing, harmonious transition between the two spaces, joining them while keeping them separate!

    Want more tips for combining spaces? Then don’t miss our HOW TO INTEGRATE A KITCHENETTE WITH THE LIVING ROOM blog post.



    The island can also serve as another worktop where you can install the hob, turning it into the centre of your kitchen.

    Before you start dreaming (because the truth is that this is both an aesthetically appealing option and is very useful), there are two things you need to make sure of. The first and most basic questions is If you can install an extractor fan over where you plan to place the island.

    The second is that you have enough space around the hob to cook comfortably (what would be the point if not?) and/or to eat on the island without the risk of accidents. A good example is our Dover kitchen, seen above. 



    Washing the dishes

    For many, washing dishes and other utensils is a daunting task. So why not do it in style and comfort, right?

    Installing the sink on the island goes a long way to making this dreaded task easier. You’ll have a better view than if you were facing a wall, and for families with little ones at home, you can keep an eye on the kids while you do the dishes.

    If you opt for an island sink, we recommend choosing a large sink or a sink that incorporates a dish drain, so that you can “hide” the look of drying dishes. Also, finish off the job by installing a high spout tap. The stronger presence it has, the better. Don’t be afraid to play with colours and finishes (spoiler: matte black is very popular).



    Extra storage

    There are as many types of kitchen island as you can imagine. Some work more like a bar and others, like the ones above from our Kobe model, are all about storage (although it also has a cantilevered snack bar which is very useful for seating).

    An island can double a kitchen’s storage capacity.

    Our advice here is that, before designing it, you should think about what utensils, dishes, appliances or ingredients you want to keep in your island. This will determine the layout, and any of our distributors can help you brainstorm ideas for the final shape: closed units, drawers, open shelves, display cabinets... the possibilities are endless.


    Island or office?

    What if you didn’t have to choose? If you don’t have enough space in the kitchen, you can add some stylish stools (get inspired here!) and turn your island into a table. 

    If chairs are more your thing, you can also add a lower worktop, as seen here:



    More space to work... and anything else you can imagine!

    The last option we propose is also the simplest: keep the island clean and clear and turn it into your base of operations!

    Your kitchen will become a laboratory of culinary ideas (best when you’re with friends or family). But you’ll find that it can also serve as a library, a bar, a play area, an art studio... Don’t believe us? Install an island and let us know what you think!


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