This policy has taken OB to reach an unquestionable leading position in the sector of kitchen furniture. This achievement, which is a fact, makes OB a well known and respectful company inside and out of the sector.

The result of these improvements is the additional voluntary guarantee of 5 years.



We attend the designs

We attend our kitchens designs minimizing the consumption of raw material and generation of pollutant products.

Specific deposits

The wastage generated in the production and administrative process is collected in specific deposits for their recycling process.


We optimize the routes

We optimize the transport routes of our fleet of vehicles

We reduce the consumption

We reduce the consumption of energetic resources generating energy from wastage of boards.

detalles (6)

We extend the life using

We extend our kitchens life using materials with certification which guarantees its durability.

We empower suppliers

We empower and support suppliers who manage their manufacturing process according to principles of sustainability.

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Product easily removable

We offer a product easily removable which favours a correct recycling

We substitute and incorporate new products

We substitute and incorporate new products and processes in our section of varnish and paint, using water base paint or UV finishing.


To continue moving in this line of improvements which helps the sustainability of our environment, is a priority in the business policy of OB.