In OB the kitchen is part of our daily life, beyond any work or functions each of us can perform in the company. Each kitchen we manufacture contains a small part of us: dreams, happiness, illusions, challenges or promises we might have.

En OB nos sentimos orgullosos de formar parte de la vida de miles de personas que, a lo largo de cuarenta años, crecieron compartiendo sus vidas con nosotros.
In OB we feel proud to be part of thousands people life, who over forty years, grew up sharing their lives with us.

Service, Care and Reliability

Providing a reliable service has been part of OB’s philosophy from the very start. It is the cornerstone of our relationship with everyone who comes into contact with us in their daily lives.

Staff, Responsibility and Commitment

The people who work at OB feel a responsibility and commitment to ensure that every kitchen we design, produce and sell is our kitchen. The kitchen from our house.

Technology, Materials and Product

Throughout our history we have invested some of the profits generated in improving our production process by incorporating technological advances that help maintain a quality standard that meets the needs of consumers and dealers at all times. At OB you will find a variety of designs, trends and current styles, along with a complete and wide range of sizes and combinations designed and developed to help create the kitchen that suits you.


Many years ago we took up the challenge of adapting our company to the new times, new demands, new lifestyles, new technologies and new consumer and distributor demands. We have always been excited about taking on this universal challenge, which is also linked to the renewal of our commitment to continue growing and sharing our lives through kitchens.