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Kitchen styles: Which one suits your personality? (First part)

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  • 30/07/2023
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    This article is the first of two in which we challenge each other to a game: figuring out who you are based on what kitchen you have chosen.

    But this game can also be played the other way round. If you are looking for your perfect kitchen, you may see yourself in some of the profiles that we are going to describe below and that will help you to know what kitchen style you need.

    Without further ado, let’s get to it! Tell me what kitchen you want, and I’ll tell you what you’re like...


    Nivel 2 Muebles


    Minimalist kitchen

    If you've chosen a minimalist kitchen, we bet you're a person who values your time. Let us explain.

    You lead a contemporary lifestyle, in which you're often having to race against the clock. You are an active and restless person, and you like your job; but sometimes the rushed lifestyle can get the better of you.

    You like to enjoy your free time with friends and family; they’re the essence of life. You want to make the most of your time with them, so clarity and authenticity are very important to you. You don’t want anything superfluous, just what’s important.

    When you get home, you want everything to be easy and simple. And that includes the kitchen. The kitchen is a space to enjoy and not one where you need to do more work, so the focus is function.

    You need your kitchen to look clean and tidy, not to add more stress to your life (the day-to-day rush is more than enough). You need two things from your kitchen: that it is easy and quick to clean and that it has storage suitable for all your needs so keeping it tidy is a piece of cake. And obviously there will be no compromise on style.

    If you are like that, go for a white kitchen with a matte finish with direct handles or Gola profiles. You will love it for sure!


    Rustic Kitchen

    If you are one of those who prefer a rustic kitchen, you are surely a natural and open person, who knows how to enjoy the small pleasures of life.

    You can live a fast-paced life but, in the kitchen, you enjoy a slow simmer. People who know you often describe you as "very friendly with their friends" and they couldn't be more right: you love taking care of the people around you.

    Perhaps because of that, it is not a rare sight to see guests in your home: friends, relatives, neighbours... You love to make everyone feel welcome and have a good time with them.

    Your kitchen is a cosy and warm space where you always want to be, whether you're cooking, doing your daily chores, or just hanging out.

    It’s no wonder you wanted to bring nature into the kitchen and bring that rustic feel to your favourite room. The best way to do it? Include some wooden features.

    If you want this effect in furniture, we suggest our Amazonas or Valentina laminate models. Or you could go for one of our latest offers: the Montreal model, manufactured on a solid walnut frame and walnut finish.

    If you prefer a lighter look, you can always opt for white or light neutral colours for the cabinetry that include some detail or moulding, such as our Aviano and Colonia models.  And go for wooden worktops.

    And for an extra touch of warmth and personality, we recommend using shell-shaped metal handles or handles with a ceramic detail.


    What do you think of our descriptions? Were we right? Let us know on social media. And don't miss the second part of the article to find the style that best suits you for your next kitchen.


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