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Kitchen colours: 2022 trends

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  • 01/07/2022
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    Minimalistic white

    In kitchen design, white is a basic. It is neutral, and, more importantly, timeless. 

    Recently we have detected a trend which we really like: simplifying the furniture in white kitchens as much as possible by eliminating embellishments, trims and handles to allow other elements of the space to come to centre stage.

    A good example of this design trend is the project of our distributor Mobles Zamora in which the kitchen gains character by highlighting the exposed brick ceiling.


    All blue

    Blue is one of the main players of the season in all shades: indigo, sky blue, petrol blue...

    A good example of this is the project of HM Carpinteros, in which one of our favourite shades predominates: Klein blue. Our distributor takes it to the next level by coordinating it with white, which takes weight away from the composition, and by incorporating a complementary colour, gold, in the stool legs and drawer pulls (a colour which is reinforced with the mustard colour of the dining room chairs).



    Black is completely on trend, along with anthracite grey. Although a priori it can seem that dark tones take joy and life out of the kitchen, the reality is that by playing your design cards right you can obtain a pleasant, elegant, warm and on- trend outcome.

    A good example is the project of Nivel 2 Muebles, one of our distributers, who knew how to remove visual weight from black furniture by integrating open modules in wood finish. Utensils and decorative elements in the kitchen, as well as the use of plants, bring extra naturalness to the design.



    What can we tell you about green kitchens that you don't already know? They are one of our favourites, something which our clients agree with, judging by the success of our Vitoria model.

    Green brings freshness and nature into the kitchen, above all when it is combines with wooden features in a white environment.

    However, the example we share below (a fantastic project by our distributor in France Cuisine en Scene) takes the colour green to the next level: a luxurious kitchen full of character. The key is its combination with black in the worktops, appliances and stools; and gold in the lamps and other decorative objects.


    Terracotta trends

    In this last section we would like to mention a colour which, little by little, is winning over designers and interior designers: terracotta. While it was once usual to find it on floors (especially in rustic kitchens), this colour has now made the leap onto the furniture to create warm atmospheres with a certain vintage touch, as in this project by our distributor Studio Qbico

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