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How to combine colours in the kitchen

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  • 14/03/2022
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    Time to choose colours for your kitchen but don't know where to begin? We know this is a difficult decision, above all because your personal taste must be balanced with function as well as budget or space limitations.

    So, here on the OB Cocinas blog we’ll suggest some ideas and recommendations to help you decide. Let’s go!

    Always a hit: wood and white

    Combining wood and white furniture is always a winning combination. The tones and grain of the wood give your kitchen a natural touch, while the white adds light and spaciousness. The best thing? You can create a classic or more modern style depending on the type of kitchen furniture and accessories such as handles, cabinets and shelving you choose

    Opt for elegance: wood and dark tones

    Looking for something more sophisticated? Try combining wood with dark tones such as greys or blacks, but always make sure your kitchen is a bright space. When it comes to this option, it is not so much the size that matters as the amount of light entering the room. Brighten up the space with white or light-coloured walls and floors.

    Play with decoration

    Not everything has to be about furniture in your kitchen. You can combine colours and tones in the decoration: shelves, lamps, stools, crockery, trays...

    Imagine a white kitchen with accents in a bright colour such as blue or pink. Metallic tones or wood can also come in to play. You could even combine colours within the same elements. The options are infinite!

    A classic that never disappoints: black and white

    If you want a safe bet, this is your best option. Black and white never go out of fashion and it’s also much easier to combine these colours with other elements in your kitchen. Want a little extra style? Add a few gold touches for extra elegance.

    Be daring: two colours (or more!)

    If you fancy something more creative and with personality, take the plunge and design your kitchen in two different colours! Start by choosing a main colour for the kitchen furniture. Then, combine it with another colour on walls, floors and worktops. You can also introduce other elements in the secondary colour like lamps, tea towels and small appliances.

    Darker tones at the bottom

    This should be applied to all the ideas mentioned in this article. When you choose kitchen furniture in two colours, always put the lighter colour on the furniture that is higher up.

    Go a little further: textures and patterns

    Want a truly original kitchen? Introduce textures and patterns on the floor, worktops and - why not - walls. A classic two-colour floor in geometric shapes can add a different touch to your kitchen. And how about a wall with tropical flowers? Let your imagination run wild and try tiles with traditional motifs to give a Mediterranean feel. Wooden worktops and bars in marbled designs also offer a whole universe of combinations.

    Green is the new black

    Green is trending. Its natural and soft tones bring a fresh and serene feel to our favourite part of the house. The best part? It combines beautifully with wood, white, black and metallic tones. Take a look at our PR19 Vitoria, an elegant and original kitchen with style.

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