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How to choose taps for your kitchen

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  • 22/07/2022
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    Choosing taps for your kitchen can be a big challenge. On most occasions, it is an element that we do not notice until the end of the design work (or sometimes even until assembly!) and, when the time comes, we are overcome by hundreds of doubts.
    Such a normal and sometimes almost invisible element can become a key feature of our kitchen and give a completely different feel to the whole room.
    Because of this, today want to give you some tips to help you in making the right choice.

    Timeless steel

    Let’s start with the basics. Stainless steel taps are a safe bet. It is a material often used in kitchen decoration throughout history and seemingly never goes out of fashion.

    However common it is to see it in kitchens, the stainless steel tap has many variants and designs: high spout, low spout, single lever, dual lever, pull-out, matt or gloss finish, concealed... You will have many options at your disposal.

    Apart from being a very durable and functional material, its finish can be combined with practically any colour of furniture, worktops or walls without detracting from their prominence.

    Go for stainless steel taps if...

    • You are not sure what colour to choose.
    • You want to have different, well designed tap options at an affordable price.
    • The appliances that you have chosen have the same finish (cooker hood, oven microwave, etc.)

    The revolution of black in the kitchen

    Until very recently, the colour white predominated in kitchen design due to its timelessness and It’s association with hygiene and cleanliness (something which is undoubtedly important in a place when the food we will eat is cooked. For this reason, many people find it odd to use the colour black in a kitchen.

    But this has changed! Black is here to stay: on worktops, furniture, appliances, and yes, taps too. And the truth is that the latter look good in almost any kitchen

    To make sure you make the right choice, we think you should choose a black tap if...

    • The room already has other decorative and/or functional elements in a different colour, such as handles, metallic carpentry (which will give it an industrial and very contemporary feel), lamps, stools...
    • You have chosen a black sink. Although stainless steel would also go with it, an all-black style will look great.
    • You want the tap to be the centre of attention. They look fantastic on sinks installed in kitchen islands.
    • Your kitchen units are white, black, wooden or in a matt colour. Supertrend!

    Gold taps for the kitchen

    The colour gold has always been associated with luxury and opulence. However, it is a colour that has been gaining ground in the decoration of fresh and up to date interiors, and has been incorporated in all types of rooms and even in functional elements. This is the case for gold taps in the kitchen.

    These taps will look great if...

    • Your kitchen has a minimalist air in which the colour white or marble predominates and you want to bring a personal touch and add character.
    • You have a rustic kitchen. In this case, the fittings will visually lighten the ensemble and make it pop. You can opt for antique gold.
    • You combine it with other small gold elements: drawer pulls, chair legs, etc.

    A variation on the classic gold is the colour copper, which combined with other pink elements will give a touch of glamour that sets it apart.


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