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Design tips for L-shaped kitchens

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  • 04/06/2023
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    The floor plan of the room or space where you’re planning to install your kitchen plays a decisive role when it comes to deciding how you want to set up your furniture and appliances. In this article we want to focus on the L-shaped layout, one of the most common and versatile kitchen designs that adapts to many different types of homes.

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    Cocina en L de nuestro distribuidor Sumitay Suministros con Dimarts Diseño.


    When the kitchen is literally an L

    If your kitchen floor plan is L-shaped, there is (theoretically) little that you need to decide in terms of layout... or is there?

    To demonstrate, let’s take one of the latest projects by our distributor Sumitay Suministros with Dimarts Diseño as an example.

    Starting with an L-shaped floor plan, they created a storage wall on one side that includes the refrigerator and a column for the oven and microwave. On the other side, they opted for low units for the work area, taking advantage of the natural light.

    They decided not to install higher units to free up the space and to avoid creating what’s called the “hallway effect”. This is something they did do, however, in the second segment of the L to create extra storage. And even though the available space is quite narrow when you turn the corner, there was still enough room to create a laundry area concealed behind a door.

    Cocina en una buhardilla de nuestro distribuidor NM Cuines Miralles.


    Singular spaces

    Other times, what leads to an L-shaped kitchen isn’t the floor plan, but other architectural elements like windows, columns, pillars or, like in this case, the roof.

    The sloping roof in this project by Cuines Nuria Miralles completely conditions the space. That is why our distributor decided to use the section with the lowest ceiling to add a half-column of appliances that, if located elsewhere, would have reduced the countertop space.

    Proyecto de LG Agencement con muebles de OB Cocinas.


    Square floor plan

    This layout is also extremely useful for square floor plans with limited square meters (if you’ve got more space to work with, we recommend a U-shaped layout).

    For example, this project by LG Agencement clearly breaks up the work and storage areas, leaving room to move from one to the other.

    Extra tip: if it doesn’t block the way, you can attach a small bar to the free wall. You’ll get a place to have breakfast with very little effort.


    In large, open kitchens

    While they’re perfect for maximising space and for small spaces, the L-shaped layout also works extremely well in large kitchens that open onto the living room. In fact, they’re great for visually delimiting the different spaces and easing the transition between them. The best way to do this? By installing a central island.

    Universal Pavimentos.



    A peninsula bar

    Another of the features of this layout is that you can create a peninsula on the short side of the L that works as a breakfast bar and/or to help create a transition in the space, even in small kitchens.


    Cocina en L de nuestro distribuidor Universal Pavimentos


    Lighten up the space

    Our last tip goes for those small kitchens that are closed off from the rest of the house: play with low and high units to lighten the visual effect.

    Here, had Universal Pavimentos installed cabinets to cover the entire wall it would have created a somewhat suffocating feel. For situations like these, it’s better to opt for open shelves.


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