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Colour combinations perfect for your kitchen

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  • 18/02/2023
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    This is, perhaps, the most difficult decision to take when it comes to designing a kitchen. The combination of colour in a kitchen depends 100% on the final aesthetic result. 

    This means that, in most cases, we commit to neutral colours, believing that they will resist that passing of time and we won’t tire of them. But that’s a mistake! A good colour combination will never go out of fashion. To make it easy, we’ll reveal five of these winning combinations. But be careful. After reading this article, it might be even more difficult to decide.

    Black and wood: timeless style

    Looking for a cosy, stylish kitchen? The combination of black and wood won’t fail. Black offers sobriety and elegance while the wood offers contrast, adding warmth and a natural touch that sits so well with kitchen designs. And if it's a noble wood like walnut, it's even more spectacular.


    Blue and white: a fresh effect

    Blue is the colour that’s currently all the rage in the world of interior design and kitchen design. Combined with white it makes for an unrivalled burst of freshness. This contrast is ideal for lending a touch of originality to your kitchen, without forgoing on a sense of calm. What's more, blue, contrary to what you may believe), is a colour that adapts perfectly to any type of kitchen furniture. What do you make of this Mediterranean-inspired kitchen?



    Black and green: the height of sophistication

    If we spoke before about a contrast that generates freshness, here’s an ideal combination for a sophisticated and vibrant kitchen. Green and black marry perfectly for this proposal. Imagine a kitchen with green units and counter tops, panels and other decorative elements in black. You can also opt for overhead units in green and lower units in black for an even more contrasting and glamorous effect.



    Vert, bois et blanc : très tendance

    Les combinaisons ne doivent pas être forcément composées de deux couleurs uniquement. Nous vous proposons un trio que vous allez adorer : vert, bois et blanc. Votre cuisine sera assurément l'espace le plus cosy de la maison, même si elle est petite. C'est là que le blanc entre en jeu, en apportant de la luminosité, que ce soit pour les carreaux de faïence ou pour les meubles hauts. Le vert est le contrepoint parfait au bois, en venant créer une sensation de placidité inégalée.



    Wood and grey: pure elegance.

    Because it doesn’t have to be black and white! Grey is another neutral colour that allows us to play with the design of our kitchen. So let’s finish with another one of our favourite combinations that offers maximum discretion. It’s an excellent choice when you're looking for minimalist design with a certain degree of personality.


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