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Christmas in the kitchen: take inspiration from these decorating ideas!

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  • 16/12/2022
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    The Christmas season is here, the time many people like to celebrate with family and friends surrounded by music, lights, food and drink. The kitchen becomes a focal point during this period, as it is where the recipes we reserve for special occasions are prepared. 

    However, we often forget to reflect the "spirit" of what we consider the most important room in the house. If you are one of those people who want to experience Christmas to the full in the kitchen, take inspiration from these decorating ideas!



    Christmas wreaths

    One of the easiest ways to give a wintry, Christmassy touch to your home decor is with wreaths. There are all kinds of wreaths: imitation fir leaves, dried flowers, balls and beads, tinsel, etc.

    We love the simplicity of the Christmas wreath shown above and, particularly, the place where it has been hung: the decorative hood. It's a great way to make it stand out, but you can also put it on the wall, tall kitchen units, chair backs, etc.



    Playing with lighting

    One of the most typical elements of Christmas decorations is lighting. There are thousands of ways to use it in your kitchen. The simplest way is through strings of lights, which you can place in strategic places around the room to create indirect or ambient lighting: hanging from wall shelves, resting on the worktop, on the top of wall units, etc.

    The example in the photo goes one step further and takes advantage of the hanging lamps over the island to create a "cloud" of fir branches, lights and ornaments.



    Christmas tree in the kitchen

    The next tip is as obvious as it is unusual: put the Christmas tree in the kitchen. Why put it in the living room when you spend most of your time in the kitchen?

    It's a great idea for large kitchens and, above all, open plan kitchens that are connected to the dining room and/or living room; it can be used as the focal point of the space.

    Small or closed kitchen? Don't give up your tree! Take advantage of the corner of the worktop or the space between the wall cupboards and the ceiling to place a "mini-Christmas tree".



    It's always Christmas at the table

    We all like to decorate the dining table for Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve dinner and Christmas Day lunch. If this is the case, why not retain the same ambience for the rest of the year?

    We propose a very simple decoration for the dining table that can be left in place throughout the festive season. Simply place a table runner with Christmas motifs (plaid, berries, mistletoe, golden elements, etc.) and add a centerpiece or candle holder. We offer some ideas for these in the following section.




    Christmas, in the small details too

    There's no excuse, anyone can create small Christmas details. However, you will need a certain amount of skill (but very little).

    For example, the candles in the above picture. Just tie some twigs with coloured ribbon or Christmas motifs to some candles and place them on a small tray or plate and... hey presto, you have a little piece of Christmas to place wherever you want.

    Want to do something more elaborate? This isn't difficult either. You can create a great centerpiece by placing decorative objects you already have - such as candlesticks, vases or bowls - on a tray; add some candles and natural elements such as fir leaves, fruit, nuts, dried pinecones, etc. The only limit is your imagination!


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