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Open-plan kitchens: the same floor or two different ones?
You probably now have more doubts than certainties and one of them will be deciding whether to use the same type of flooring or two different ones for what used to be two rooms.
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This is how we spent our time at ESPRITCUISINE 2022
Once again this year (and this is the fourth time we have participated in French territory), we travelled to Paris to take part in ESPRITCUISINE.
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Common concerns when choosing kitchen units
We know: choosing kitchen units can be quite a journey. As well as the wide range of designs to choose from there are also different materials, storage solutions, colours...
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4 kitchen wall coverings you will love
At OB Cocinas we like to keep up with all the interior design trends in the most important room in the house.
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We are waiting for you at EspritCuisine 2022!
OB Kitchens travels to Paris, to the EspritCuisine 2022 fair.
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One kitchen island, a thousand uses!
Ever since the open concept took over the world of interior design, few people have been able to resist installing a kitchen island or, if space is an issue, a peninsula.
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