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6 ideas for eating in the kitchen
Eating in the kitchen is comfortable and practical, above all on those occasions such as breakfast in which we need to save time. Here are 6 ideas for eating in the kitchen, taking advantage of the space with style.
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Your white furniture, as bright white as the first day
White kitchens have always been and will always be one of people’s favourite options. In this article we give you the keys to keeping your white kitchens as shiny white as the very first day.
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Our kitchens: Dover
Simplicity is not exclusive of comfort (or quality!). And our Dover kitchen is proof of this. We present a completely open-plan kitchen that is perfectly integrated with other areas. Don’t miss out on its details!
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What to consider when choosing a worktop
The worktop is perhaps a kitchen’s most important feature. We want to give you some tips so you can choose your worktop and enjoy the kitchen you have always wanted.
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Advice for kitchen cleaning and maintenance
A clean, tidy, and well-kept kitchen is the best backdrop for cooking and living comfortably and hygienically. For this reason, in this new OB Cocinas blog article, we are going to give you some useful tips to keep your kitchen in brand new condition.
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How to light up a kitchen - Ideas and tips
Lighting in a kitchen plays a key role and often determines the use we give to the space and how we experience it. Let us shed light on your doubts about kitchen illumination!
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Our kitchens: Fenix
Modern, versatile, bright. That describes our Fenix kitchen. A kitchen imagined and designed to work for all types of homes and lifestyles with the most up-to-date design.
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How to combine colours in the kitchen
Time to choose colours for your kitchen but don't know where to begin? Here on the OB Cocinas blog we’ll suggest some ideas and recommendations to help you decide. Let’s go!
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Types of kitchen handle: which to choose
Each detail in your kitchen can make a big difference. And, of course, kitchen handles play a key role not only aesthetically but also functionally.
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Our kitchens: Kobe
If you’re looking for a kitchen with simple lines that adds elegance while upholding complete functionality, Kobe may be the very best option for you.
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How to integrate a kitchenette with the living room
Kitchenettes are open-plan kitchens that share space with the living room. Since they are visible from the entire living room, their suitable integration is very important. And that’s what we’re going to look at in this new article.
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We have a new blog and website
We are kicking off the month of February with a new website and a new blog!
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