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    Tips for setting up a kitchen garden
    Follow these tips and very soon your favourite room will be filled with the smell of fresh basil or mint.
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    Guide to reducing, reusing and recycling in the kitchen
    We only have one planet, so remember the three R's: reduce, reuse and recycle.
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    Design tips for black kitchens
    We know that black can be a bold choice. That’s why we’re here today to give you some design tips to make sure you get it right.
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    Avoid these mistakes in your open-plan kitchen
    We have noticed some common design flaws that can take away from the comfort and functionality of the space. Take note and avoid these mistakes in your open-plan kitchen.
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    5 rules to keep your kitchen in order
    We are going to share 5 rules to keep your kitchen in order so you can enjoy your favourite space without fear of the mess.
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    Wood, sure, just not rustic, please
    In this article we would like to promote using wooden kitchen furniture (or wood finish). This kind of furniture is usually associated with classic or rustic styles and are often disregarded for being “old fashioned”.
    Far from it!
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