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Advice for kitchen cleaning and maintenance

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  • 18/04/2022
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    A clean, tidy, and well-kept kitchen is the best backdrop for cooking and living comfortably and hygienically. For this reason, in this new OB Cocinas blog article, we are going to give you some useful tips to keep your kitchen in brand new condition.

    How to clean your kitchen

    Let's start with cleaning. We carry out many tasks in the kitchen throughout the day and as careful as we are, all of them end up creating mess and dirt, especially due to the constant handling for foodstuffs. This is why it is so important to keep it clean day-to-day.

    But don’t worry, with these tips you will be able to do this without spending too much time:

    • Clean surfaces with a sponge or damp cloth and a drop of neutral soap. Use more aggressive products, such as powerful degreasers, only when strictly necessary. The strong chemical ingredients of these can damage surfaces, especially that of the kitchen furniture.
    • If you need to clean very dirty areas in which grease and dust have accumulated, it is always best to apply warm water and neutral soap and leave to soak until the dirt softens and is easy to remove. You can also use white vinegar and bicarbonate of soda to achieve better results.
    • Use microfibre cloths and avoid steel and aluminium scouring pads. The important thing, as we mentioned before, is to soften the dirt, not to scrub it. By scrubbing it you will only scratch and damage your furniture and cooking areas.
    • Although steam cleaning is easy and fast, moisture can penetrate furniture, causing it to rot and become destroyed over time. After all, steam is water, and can filter through cracks and small spaces and penetrate furniture when condensed.
    • Always use the extractor fan when cooking. This will help to avoid steam and grease from accumulating on surfaces, so they will be easier to clean later.
    • The sink deserves special attention when it comes to cleaning. It is where waste food often accumulates and, therefore, bacteria and germs. Clean it frequently with warm water and soap and, if necessary, use bicarbonate of soda or vinegar to loosen the most stubborn dirt. Pay special attention to the drainage holes and plughole.
    • Invest in a good storage system for recycling. This will help you to keep your rubbish separate and your kitchen will stay clean for longer.

    How to keep your kitchen in good condition

    Although cleaning is key, it is important to follow other steps to keep your kitchen in perfect condition. We are not only talking about food waste or grease, you will also see how moisture is one of the biggest enemies for our furniture.

    • When a surface becomes damp, whatever type of surface it might be, wipe it with a clean cloth (made from cotton if possible) to dry it so the water and moisture do not penetrate and destroy the material.
    • To avoid dampness don't use electrical appliances that release steam wall mounted kitchen units, and don’t open the dishwasher until half an hour after the cycle has finished.
    • Don’t forget to always use chopping boards and mats to cut on, and don’t put hot pans directly on the worktop. It doesn’t matter what material they are made from; in the long term the damage could be irreparable.
    • Pay attention to the maximum load recommended for furniture and never surpass it. Always store the heaviest items in lower kitchen units.
    • Use drain filters for the sink plughole. This helps to avoid it from becoming blocked with food waste.
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