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9 kitchens in white and wood: a timeless combination

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  • 04/02/2024
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    Combining white with a wood finish is a great way to create a feeling of cleanliness and warmth in equal parts in a kitchen.

    But it is much more than that. This combination has survived the passage of time, fashions and changes in the lifestyles of those who live there every day. Why is that?

    We can think of many reasons, but we bet that the neutrality of these finishes is the main one. None of them detracts from the other and they leave visual space to include any other colour through decorative pieces or other elements that help us to update it.

    That's why, in this article, we pull out the photographic archive and show you some tricks to make your white and wood kitchen more trendy than ever.

    NM Cuines

    1. Rural roots

    White kitchen furniture is the best ally of the contemporary rustic style. In rooms where natural materials have such a strong presence (as in the example above from our distributor in Solsona NM Cuines), they work perfectly to provide luminosity and generate a more modern aesthetic.


    Nivel 2 Muebles

    2. Creating contrast

    The rise of black kitchens shows that we have lost our fear of dark tones. That is why it is becoming increasingly common to find finishes such as wenge or walnut combined with pure white. The result is a very striking and contemporary contrast.


    (Photo: image bank)

    3. In true Hygge style

    haven't you heard of Hygge yet? More than a style, it is a whole philosophy of life. Born in Denmark, this concept focuses on simple things and relaxed atmospheres as the key to happiness. The idea is to create a safe space in your home.

    Taken to the kitchen, Hygge translates into light tones, a mix of warm, organic textures and a play with natural lighting. The difference with other kitchens in wood and white is that in this style the main finish is wood, leaving white for auxiliary furniture, electrical appliances and worktops.


    (Photo: image bank)

    4. Contemporary and clean

    In the example above, white has been reserved for the central island of this L-shaped kitchen and the upper units, which are almost camouflaged with the back wall; creating a feeling of spaciousness and visual cleanliness.

    To add a point of contrast to create a contemporary ambience, black appliances and taps have been added.


    Nivel 2 Muebles

    5. Always marble

    It is almost impossible to get tired of white marble. That's why we have been seeing this material perfectly integrated in kitchens with wood and white furniture for several seasons now (and more to come).

    Find your personal touch with the colour of the grain: blues, blacks, golds, corals... You choose.


    Kitchen Sukaldeak

    6. go black!

    If you are looking for a sophisticated (but functional!) look for your kitchen, we recommend combining white with wood in medium tones and adding black marble on worktops or countertops. The atmosphere of these three materials together will not leave you indifferent.


    Rivas Sánchez Carpinteros

    7. Enhancing textures

    looking for a welcoming atmosphere that conveys solidity? Try playing with textures in a big way as in this project by our distributor Rivas Sánchez Carpinteros.

    For the worktop, the marble patterns are maximised on the kitchen island. On the wall, wall units with wide-grained wood fronts.


    LG Agencement

    8. Mediterranean way of life

    do you want to bring a Mediterranean flavour to your white and wood kitchen? Several ideas: include natural fibres as in the example above (from our distributor LG Agencement) or add natural and colourful ceramics on the floor or countertop.


    Mobles Zamora

    9. Just a brushstroke

    Sometimes it doesn't take much to completely change a style. In the photo above, from a project by our distributor Mobles Zamora, all it takes is a wooden bar to break up the neat minimalism of the main front of the kitchen. A real success.


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