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Black is back: 3 black kitchens that you will love

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  • 31/07/2022
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    Attention! There is a new basic that is here to stay: black kitchens. Many are saying that “black is the new white”. And that might well be true, given its neutrality and the way it combines with other colors and materials, as well as its ability to create different styles.

    As examples, in this article we take a look at the projects of our distributors: 3 black kitchens that you will love.

    Take note!


    Black kitchen-diner

    We begin our journey in the French city of Caen, where our distributor LG Agencement gives us a lesson in design with this black kitchen.

    In this case, the space is sufficiently large to combine the kitchen and dining area without turning to the open-plan concept. In addition to the square meters, the natural light helps to create a sense of spaciousness.

    With those characteristics, it was easy to opt for dark furniture without fear of losing luminosity. So, our distributor started with a U-shaped distribution which facilitates movement and makes it possible to separate the different work areas, to incorporate low black modules around the entire perimeter, with stainless-steel handles which add a lighter visual touch to the fronts of the cabinets.

    For the countertops, they opted for the organic feel which only wood can provide, and we also find that material on the dining table which presides over the room and the Nordic-style chairs that accompany it.

    The design is completed by the appliances, alternating black and stainless steel.

    The result? A functional, warm kitchen; a black canvas on which to create life in the kitchen.


    Cuisine en Scene

    ???? Norbert Lacroix Photographe


    Almost total black

    Our distributor in Extremadura, Nivel 2 Muebles, also opted for the combination of black and wood (very much in vogue this season).

    On this project, however, the emphasis has been placed on a much more minimalist concept than in the previous case. So, in this kitchen, there are no handles to break up the uniformity of the furniture and appliances. Perfectly integrated into the design, they are completely black, interrupted only by some small metallic elements, as well as the sink and tap.

    So how come the result doesn’t feel gloomy? The key is the way in which wood provides a visual break. On the one hand, the niche integrated into the tall modules, which serves as a coffee station. And, on the other hand, the open shelf which breaks up the uniformity of the island, with a black metallic frame which matches the shelving that separates the kitchen from the living room.

    The design of the countertop in two finishes, cement and wood, completes the scene, emphasizing its more industrial nature. And we also mustn’t forget the additional organic touch of the plants.


    Nivel 2 Muebles


    Sobriety and luxury

    To end our journey, we return to France, specifically to the city of Vienne. There, our distributor Cuisine en Scene brings us a completely different proposal which attests to the versatility of the combination of black and wood.

    On this project, elegance and sobriety reign supreme. That sensation is achieved, first of all, by the selection of walnut wood, much darker than on the other projects we have just seen. That material flows through the open shelving, the wall cladding, the countertop structure and even the ceiling, serving as a backdrop for the impressive lamps with golden details.

    The golden effect is another of the keys. Synonymous with luxury and glamour, we find in small details such as the taps or decorative elements like the large wall-mounted clock.

    However, what really gives this space character and sets it apart is the black marble which is another notable feature of this room, on the countertops, and particularly on the central island.


    ???? Norbert Lacroix Photographe

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